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Team Canada


Tshirt with Team Canada Logo

Available in several colors and sizes

Price: 25$


Coming soon


Sport bag

Coming soon

Price: 40$


Chest Guard (Do)

Super Safe brand koshiki karate chest protector. Perfect for receiving full power strikes. Approved by the WKKF (world koshiki karatedo federation).

Available in 2 sizes, junior and adult.

White color only.

Price: 200 – 250$

Helmet (Men)

Helmet with Supersafe brand plastic visor. Allows contact to the head without causing damage to the face. Approved by the WKKF (world koshiki karatedo fedaration) Replacement visor available on request.

Available in two sizes, junior and adult.

Colors available White, red or black.

Price: 200-250$

Uniforms (Karate gi)

Karate gi Koshiki

Official Karategi of Karatedo Koshiki. Black and red lines on each side of the jacket and pants. Vienna with the shorinjiryu kenkokan karatedo logo embroidered on the left at chest level (possibility of having it without the logo on request or with another logo for an order of 30 or more).

Prix 65% coton: 50-50$

Prix 100% coton: 70-70$


Koshiki Karatedo

Official Koshiki Karatedo crest. Size 3in 1/2

Price: 5-8$

Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo

Official Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo crest. Size 3in 1/2

Price: 5-8$


Karatedo Koshiki Canada/Japan badge. Size 4in X 2in 1/2

Price: 5-8$

Team Canada

Coming soon…